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April 20, 2017
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April 20, 2017
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Website Translation Technologies

Website Translation Technologies

Years ago when you looked at translating a website it used to be incredibly time consuming and IT professionals had to spend hours to find a faster automation. Today however you have seamless options that are simple, effective and cheap too. One of these top methods to translate a website is simply integrating your CMS content management system, with an app like translation management. One of the best localization and translation providers include Venga WebToGlobal and here we look a bit further into this platform.

TMS and CMS Integration

A TMS is a translation management system and when you combine this platform with your CMS you do not need to manually translate your website. When you look at it closer you will find that you have a few simple steps instead of ten and more which saves you time and money. The other advantage you have when you integrate a TMS into your CMS is no need to learn a different platform as you can interact with the provider you use within your CMS.

The advantage you have with the Venga is that many platforms do not feature multilingual sites thus forcing website owners to go the long and risky localization and translation process. This specific platform work regardless of system or platform used as you simply point it towards the URL of your website after which it scan and detect text in order to transform your website to a global site.

You would know that machine translation is often a disaster and it is something nobody wishes to present to potential clients and website visitors. Highly paid human translators are the ones you trust with your website content, however aside from costly is it time consuming too. When you use a Venga or similar app you use a button that allows you to translate and edit in real time.

The benefits are numerous with the main benefits including:

Speed – no human error, no lost files, full transparency

Tracking – you know your process in real time

Automatic update – these tools scan your website for updates and changes and new additions and text added after initial translation, automatically updated and translated as well.

Multilingual SEO – it also multiply the website into the amount of regional sites you want or need while each has its own domain. SEO parameters and keywords are customizable from different sites thus can you build a strong global strategy.