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April 20, 2017
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Avoid Local Data Protection Laws

Avoid Local Data Protection Laws

When you decide to take your service or products global you have many considerations especially when you do not use a professional localization and translation company. Obviously you have to account for the localization and translating and often the legal requirements are overlooked. When you are a small start-up it might prove impossible for you when you look into the respective country’s strict regulations.

European Union

The member states of the European Union are very protective of private data of their citizens and definitely stricter that for example the United States. Even though there are no specific data localization law you need to comply with general data protection regulations and these countries restrict data transferring outside their respective jurisdictions. Thus is it always better to use a professional company when taking your content to an EU country.


This country started in 2015 to implement the highest data localization laws globally. If a foreign company or website do not comply with strict rules they are banned from Russia. Personal Russian data can only be processed and stored in Russia and this is a law which is actively enforced. Even when you are a giant like Microsoft you will go through extensive processes to be certified.


In China you will have to take note of strict laws that will be implemented from June 2017 when all China’s business and personal info have to remain within the country. To transfer data outside will require government permission and this might prove problematic for many small companies who wants to localize their websites and companies. Large corporations however might have the resources and means to comply and find it less troublesome. This is yet another reason why most individuals and entrepreneurs make use of professional localization companies’ services.