Regardless of your main aim, from building global relationships, expanding in to different markets, increase in product sales and services and more, we provide you with professional localization worldwide.

This include email campaigns, video and audio localization, websites, print and more. Our capabilities extend across a multitude of types of content specifically aligned to individual business needs.


We have you covered across all content types and document formats. We offer high quality and expert language technology that enables us perfectly translated documents and content that is aligned for its intended use, your target market and cost effective too. Mytranslate services allow you to expand globally and advertise in any country while you ensure brand consistency and keeping relevant messaging on target. Words are something we love regardless of language and covering more than 170 languages we have you covered.

Mobile localization

The first and also the strongest impression of you brand and company and what you offer is your website. Just as vital as your website is the fact that more people visit you via mobile and this is where we help you to stand out in the global market. Since most devices used are increasingly mobile devices you will find that apps often fail to work especially after localization occurred within your website. We make sure that through proper testing your app would work as if it was created in the same local where your global customers access it from.

Software localization

You want to reach your target market and that is where we come in, mytranslate knows all the right steps required to localize software. We start each individual project by investigating the functionality, user interface and graphics involved. After we are done your software will be aimed at the target audience in their language.

Multimedia translation

We understand very well that the Internet relies on visuals and multimedia. Living in a multinational and visual world is something we embrace and we know companies rely on video and audio to motivate, target and enthral target audiences. We focus on helping you and your prospective clients connect by creating voice-overs, dubbing and subtitling for all your multi-media in the languages needed for a global website.


You know that to be able to reach you in the vast world of the web you need to be found and that can only be done with high-quality SEO. Even after you have implemented the best practices for local SEO markets and are satisfied, how will you fare in the International market though? This can only be achieved by a specific individualized and custom global SEO program. We develop a plan for you with a strategy and individual localization and keywords for different markets. Your advantage here is that in each language your keywords can vary and your SEO practices that we implemented gives you multiple exposure across the continent. We continuously measure performances and use analytics in gauging performance and guarantee increase search rankings.

Website management

Each individual in a different country and different language wants localized experiences when the use software applications and websites. You want your website to attract clients globally and satisfy everybody’s needs. Therefore do you need to localize the user interface too? Keep in mind that various cultures are visiting too and when thinking about user assistance you need that customized as well. We concentrate all of our efforts when we take a website in our professional hands to develop your user assistance and user interface for a website that is globally acceptable and accessible. We provide our customers with languages ranging from the difficult like Arabic to Spanish, Asian and in fact over 170 different languages. We format all material and content within your website that it appears and reads regardless of language as if it was intended and originally in that respective language.


We know that user interface is vital to the success of your localization and this is done through testing. Live testing after we completed your project to ensure each avenue of your website remains with originally intended integrity and remains consistent with your brand.