Boost a Translation Project Efficiently and Faster

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April 20, 2017
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Boost a Translation Project Efficiently and Faster

Boost a Translation Project Efficiently and Faster

You will find that small things often has a big impact and when looking at a localization and translation project you obviously want it to be efficient and smooth. That is often why most people design an elaborate plan, however there are simple little methods to save money and time while making a localization and translation project easier and faster at the same time. Take a look at some of the essentials that will make your next project simpler.

Check translation memory and glossary

When you have to initially create a glossary and translation memory it takes time and many choose to neglect it, but both will benefit you when you keep it checked and updated.

Never underestimate reviewing processes

You should be aware of the style and quality of the project that it is up to standard at all times a review process might appear like a waste of time and often complicated due to the various parties involved, however when you use a sharing portal combining the efforts off all parties you will find it considerably beneficial to a large project.

Consistent formatting

This is key and a vital part of a localization and translation process and as soon as you eliminate different file formats right from the start you will eliminate a big problem later on. Working with a localization and translation partner and establish a custom tailored set up that delivers an automatic workflow.

Email sharing is outdated

You might question this as important and believe us we know the importance of email for communication however when you go further and need to collaborate with documents you will find lengthy emails up and down a cumbersome process slowing down work flow. When you move to sharing information and files using a cloud tool you speed up the process and efficiency even Google drive is an excellent sharing tool. Instead of formal and length emails explaining what is happening, adding comments online live eliminates a lot of time wasted as you allow everybody involved access to files.