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You landed on our website not by accident as you searched for a translation company that is true. However you may ask yourself why you cannot simply take a chance and present your website and ultimately brand in your own language.

Translation and Localization boost performances
in International Markets.

A question that many website owners and businesses face is how to boost their international services and sales. It is a highly possible prospect everybody can achieve successfully when they make it possible for global visitors to understand technicalities of services and products, explore your website and understand the message you portray. You can only manage to attract and keep global customers and interest when you speak to every individual in their respective language. Now buyers also have to beware as a bad or even mediocre translation and localization will have the exact opposite effect. There is no better and sure way to damage your brand than a bad translation. Any international visitor at your website wants to feel special, welcome and treated in their respective language and their cultures addressed.

From descriptions that might be technical and not possible to translate directly, to customer service and questions to apps they cannot understand you need to attract global interest through professional translation and more importantly localization. Your customers sitting in Thailand when you are based in UK, wants to experience your website as if it was a Thai website. This is how you expand globally and no better way than with mytranslate. After having translated millions of website content globally over the last eight years we can say with pride that we are an industry leader. Take a look at our services and clients and please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation today!