Steps to Launch your Campaign to Multiple Markets

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April 20, 2017
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Steps to Launch your Campaign to Multiple Markets

Steps to Launch your Campaign to Multiple Markets

When you think about launching a successful campaign globally it will be daunting for sure. When you are the responsible person for a campaign across multiple languages that are beyond your experience, expertise, comfort zone and language the sheer pressure influences the outcome even before it starts. We would like to point out pitfalls when flying with an International campaign which you could avoid.

You have to plan for international adaptation well in advance.

Marketers focus all their energy when in US for example and wanting to broadcast to UK and vice versa. They do this without truly investigating proper translation and looking at the actual campaign effectiveness. To customize for various international markets aside from traditional English with variations requires well planned international adaptation.

Personalize and customize one campaign for all the international markets

One size fits all is not simple when it comes to localization and translation for the international market. What works in China will not work in US etc. you need to place specific focus not only on country, but social groups and cultures with targeted content which include more than content but also images, taglines, copy, headlines etc.

Use independent companies for campaigns that include your adaptation, media and creative

When you cannot find a single company that can do everything from production, to SEO, media buying, creation, translations etc. you need to make a careful selection of choosing the best respective companies that excel in their individual market. These companies must then also be happy to collaborate with the other companies you have chosen. Using this method you get a top group of companies working together towards successful campaigns that suits your global needs.

Never translate a campaign

A serious pitfall that most people fall into is to directly translate their successful campaign. It is vital that marketing copy, headlines and taglines etc. be specifically adapted for various languages that will ensure its cultural relevance to the respective markets. When you translate advertising and marketing copy it could damage a brand globally while creating offense and alienate your brand.